College Counseling

芝加哥大学实验学校 (UCLS) college counselors work collaboratively to provide a full spectrum of support and guidance for students and families as they embark on the college search and application process, 或者考虑其他高等教育的选择.

我们的工作以学生为中心的理念为指导, 根据当前的最佳实践, and embodies the CASEL* framework that is at the heart of the UCLS 学习与辅导 practice. 


We support the mission of the Schools by encouraging our students to do the best work they can, 参与他们的学校生活, 积极参与学校以外的生活. We see the college process as an educational process in itself. We support the worth and value of each child and their postsecondary aspirations. We encourage students and families to consider ‘fit’ as the most important aspect of the college decision. 我们提供真实的信息, feedback, and advice in ways that enable the student and their family to make informed decisions. We provide a full complement of services for our students and their families.





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Visiting U-High

U-High will begin accepting visit requests for the 2022-2023 school year on August 1. 我们的访问日程表可以通过 RepVisits. If you do not see a time that works best for you, please reach out to Sharon Williams at美高梅手机娱乐官网的办公室管理员Jeannie Grbavac 找一个合适的时间. 即将到来的学年将会是亲自参观, however we are happy to accommodate a virtual visit if that is your preference. Please note that parking in the Hyde Park neighborhood can be challenging. 校园内有有限的访客停车位, however when planning your visit please allow time to obtain parking pass and allow our security to  escort you to our suite. 我们的2023届毕业生期待着与您的联系!!

芝加哥大学实验室HS研究项目 提供有关我们课程的详细信息, 包括毕业要求, grading scale, 以及课程描述. 

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Please reach out to a member of our college counseling team at 773-702-9445 (follow prompts for direct extensions) or at the email below should you have any questions. 

U-High College Counseling Team


Students who are interested in exploring transfer options within a year after graduation from U-High are welcome to reach out to any U-High college counselor for assistance and to request a transcript. Students wanting to transfer after  one year of their U-High graduation must 在这里索取成绩单.